Crayola™ Privacy Desk Shield (Bulk 24 ct) Privacy Shield, Student Desk Shield, Test Taking Shield, study shield
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Keep wondering eyes in check with the Crayola Privacy Desk Shield.  These heavy duty board stock desk shields are perfect for the classroom and can easily be set up and taken down.  Simply unfold the shield and place it on the desk for test taking and study time.   Your students will love personalizing their very own desk shield with Crayola Crayons or Markers.  They will always know which desk shield is theirs because they colored it to make it their own. This desk...

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Let Crayola™ Color Your Own Face Shield's brighten each day for your students.  Each Kids Face shield encourages creativity with the fun and soon to be colorful designs.  The classroom set comes with 25 Crayola™ Face Shields and 50 coloring sheets. The coloring sheets easily attach to the band of the face shield, allowing any child to be a super hero, unicorn, astronaut, or a member of the royal family. This face mask shield is perfect for the child that prefers...

Crayola™ Color Your Own Desk Shield, 3-Sided (Bulk 30 ct) plastic shield, plastic shield for desk, sneeze guard, free standing sneeze guard, desk shield, clear desk shield, plastic desk shield, desk guard, plastic shielding, plastic shield for counter, privacy shield, privacy shield for classroom, desk privacy shield,
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Make a child's work space a little brighter this school year with the Crayola™ Color Color Your Own Desk Shield.  Let creativity run free with this creative privacy shield that each student can make their own.  Add color to the desk shield with Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable or Super Tips Markers (sold separately, available at, making a one of a kind piece for all to see.  Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable or Super Tips markers should be used on side panels only and...